Allow Me To Intradoose Myself!

Wow, what do I write for my first WordPress blog? Well, here it goes:

Hi, I’m Jon. I was born and raised in Winnipeg and currently live in Vancouver. I like to return there either for an occasional vacation or for visiting family at Christmas. I work both full time and part time. Yes, that’s one thing you learn about when you try to make a living in Vancouver. It’s hard with a capital H!

Some of you may ask why am I starting a WordPress blog? For so long I’ve sent e-mails to my friends about various topics and various views. Many have said that I should become a professional writer. I’d like to do that although I know the road is difficult. Most of the writers out there are freelance writers who get the occasional break. Although I don’t consider WordPress something to classify as professional writing, I consider it a step in the right direction and I hope it leads to something better one day.

My top interest is arts and showbiz. I moved to Vancouver with the intent of starting an acting career during its Hollywood North heydays only to learn that tens of thousands of acting wannabes with the same dream moved here too. Even though the film business isn’t as bustling as it was ten years ago, or even five, I’ve still been able to make a living in Vancouver. Of all entertainment topics, I like to talk about film the most. I like to talk about quality and exceptional films as well as movies that get the hugest fanfare. I also like writing reviews about movies. I also like to talk about the business aspect of film as well, in both the Oscar race and the box office race. Expect to see a lot more film talk in the future.

Religion is another interest of mine. I currently attend a Roman Catholic church. The Roman Catholic Church in Vancouver is one of the fastest growing Catholic communities in Canada with large turnouts at Archdiocese-wide events. Also noteworthy is that Vancouver has one of the highest percentages of people that profess no religious faith. That too is growing and that is one of the top challenges of Vancouver’s Catholic community as well as other church communities in Vancouver. I’ve also had my share of Christian churches of other denominations too, from the light and liberal to the staunchly strict to the downright controlling. It is through experience through the any churches I’ve attended that sparked my interest in religion. I’m also intrigued with both the Catholic and other Christian media and what they have to say and comment. Even if I disagree, or even get offended, with what they have to say, it still intrigues me. Expect to see my commentary on religion as part of my blog too.

Finally, politics is another interest of mine. Even though I’m not politically involved, I have views of my own. I consider my political stance to be ‘Centrist’: neither right nor left, neither conservative nor liberal. As a centrist, I have political viewpoints where I disagree with both conservatives and liberals on various issues. Often when I make a ‘political pitbull’ of myself, I will slam both the conservative and liberal side in equal numbers. I don’t intend to offend anyone with my views but I do believe in speaking my mind on what I honestly feel. Expect to see my views being spoken here.

I’m sure there are many more topics I could bring up under the sun but for now, this is what I have. Besides I wanted to start my first WordPress blog as an introduction to myself and what you can expect from me in the future. So I’ll talk to you all later and I hope you like what I have to say.


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