Denny’s Baconalia Proves Chain Restaurants Are Insania

Have you been to Denny’s lately? Then I guess you’ve noticed they have something running for a seven-week period called Baconlia. Yes, a celebration for bacon lovers. With this ‘fest’ is seven exclusive menu items with bacon including bacon flapjacks, bacon meatloaf and a bacon sundae. A bacon sundae? That’s right! Denny’s has added  new invention to sweet and sour items. It’s cut up pieces of bacon sprinkled on top of a maple syrup sundae. Tried it yet? I’ve seen some Youtube videos of people trying it out. One said it’s good. I’m undecided if it’s worth it or not.

Anyways this just comes months after KFC shocked us all with their double down: a sandwich of bacon, two cheese slices, ‘special sauce’ and two colonel’s-recipe filets that act as the bun. Remember? Tried it when it was out? One health office said it had a day’s worth of sodium. Canada tried it in October but it was dropped in less than a month. How did that happen?

Knowing those two items in the last while makes me wonder about chain restaurants in the last while. Ever since it was announced ten years ago there’s an obesity epidemic thanks to fast food and constant computer use, and after the documentary Super Size Me came out, fast food restaurants and other chain restaurants have worked to promote healthier alternatives for customers. Even McDonalds went as far as creating a new brand of salads. However in the last year, it seems like there has been a reversal with those two ‘special’ items released. Makes me wonder if there’s an ‘unhealthy rebellion’ going on.

Anyways I didn’t try the Double Down and I haven’t decided if I’ll try the bacon sundae. If I do decide, I think I’ll try it at a Denny’s that’s near a hospital so that I don’t have far to walk once the heart attack happens.


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