2012 Box Office Shows Signs Of Improvement

You might remember I talked about a box office slump that happened over 2011. If there’s one thing looking up, it’s that January and February of 2012 have shown improvements from the previous year.

January started off well as 40 movies were to be released that month as compared to 33 the January before. January 2012 grossed $430.1 million, more than $100 more than January 2011. The highlights of that month were Contraband, Underworld Awakening, The Devil Inside and a 3D re-release of Beauty and The Beast. February 2012 was also significantly higher than that of 2011. This February grossed a total of $708.3 million, more than $120 million more than the previous year. That month’s biggest hits were The Vow, Safe House, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, The Woman In Black and a 3D re-release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Overall it appears that 2012 is on pace to becoming the highest-grossing movie year. We should keep in mind there are ten more movie months this year. We should also take into fact that this is not the highest combined gross of January and February: 2009 has the highest and 2009 would go on to be the highest grossing movie year ever. March has already started strong with Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax grossing more than $70 million last weekend and has the heavily-hyped John Carter opening this weekend. 21 Jump Street is next week’s release with the biggest clout while the following weekend will have the heavily-promoted The Hunger Games opening. Having a fifth weekend in March helps as two movies with big buzz —Wrath of The Titans and Mirror, Mirror— open that weekend.

April also promises to have movies with a lot of buzz. Titanic will be released in 3D. Also vying for the opening weekend is American Reunion and The Cold Light Of Day. The following week will have The Cabin In The Woods and The Three Stooges. Romantic movies, both drama and comedy, dominate the following weekend with The Lucky One and Think Like A Man. The final weekend of April will see the release of The Five-Year Engagement, The Raven and the animated The Pirates! Band Of Misfits.

It still remains in question whether 2012 will break 2009’s box office record. Whatever the situation, 2012 shows that compared to 2011, the box office is picking up steam again.


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